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Bigfoot Sighting Report #73

Town: West Milford / Bloomingdale
County: Passaic
Type of Encounter: Sounds heard
Sighted on Nov 29, 2006  8:30AM
Nearest Road: Weaver Rd
Weather Conditions: foggy

Sighting Details:
I'm submitting this report as described to me by my wife. She was walking the dog, around 8:30 am, along one of the roads in our neighborhood. The houses in that section back up to a very large tract of woods. In that particular section of the woods is a swampy area.

She heard coming from the woods a very loud almost siren like moan/howl. She insisted that it was very deep and resonant, as if it had come from a large animal.

Whatever it was moaned three times. The dog stopped, seemingly frightened and turned towards the woods listening. Upon returning home, she explained that it was very similar to bigfoot recordings found on the internet- specifically the Ohio howl on the BFRO site.

We have heard this sound only one time before, several years ago at night. You could hear whatever it was howling up on a wooded hillside and all the dogs in the neighborhood going crazy in response to it. Just thought this encounter would be relevant due to the fact that its the same woods as several other reports on your site.

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