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I try to get out at least once a week
now's a good time
if they do come back and trapse through NJ
signs point more and more toward 2 trails
the AT (appalachian trail) and
the High Lands trail.
still waiting for the blueberries at the top of the hopatcong mountain to ripen
I've got 2 cams watching the fields out there.
primos dps'

Hello Jersey Squatcher,
I've been to Mahlon a few times, mostly mountain biking/researching never did see any trace of evidence, but the territory seems like it would be a good place, a lot of different trails criss crossing in there, at the high elevation there's a lot of pine trees, and lower there's I think what's called a pine swamp? Or something like that. I really wish this site would give better locations for the sightings, the areas we're talking about are immense.
I would love to know where exactly the Sparta 'sighting' was, that's my research area but haven't heard/seen hide nor hair of anything for the past 2 years, it almost surprised me to have read it was from last year. The last evidence I was aware of in that area was about 2 years ago.

Hey Jersey Squatcher, yeah I haven't even been on here in a while, last known possible sighting in sussex county was around Wallkill (oops I originally posted it as paulinskill, can't keep track of all the wma kills in Nj) wma, just someone driving by at dusk catching a glimpse that was about a month ago, I was up there 2 weeks after the 'sighting' (who knows what you see at dusk) to check it out, the place is pretty huge, I just went on the marked trails, didn't really see any signs, I was fortunate enough to be there when there was a dusting of snow on the ground, but only tracks I found was rabbit, and deer, other wildlife spotted red tail hawk, I even went all the way up to oil city rd, there's a part of the trail that does connect to the A.T.
Lemme know if you want company I can show you some of the stuff I found in Hopatcong if you wanted.

so I was up there today, 9-30-12, just after the light rain, thought I could pick up any tracks off any wet ground, went through the gully path, more over where the dirt bikes ride, was hoping to see some kinda track in the dirt bike tracks off the mud, or the sand that's there, only saw one single solitary deer print, coming back around the loop trail, (did this on purpose, to push out whatever might be in the area) near the marsh all of a sudden I got movement coming from all directions in the front right side of me, I see about 6 deer darting in all different directions in pairs, I did realize something while I was up there though looking at the boyscout map, the highlands trail goes right by Ryker lake, so I went there next but it was getting late, I did see alot of similarities to Ryker Lake and Bear pond in Hopatcong, where the highlands trail is also in that area as well.

best luck I've had up here is July and August seems like, they frequent blueberry, and raspberry fields, they should be coming back soon, if they're not already here, but sightings along the appalachian trail makes me think they come and go, you might be coming into a high season now down by you now

Discuss Specific NJ Bigfoot Sighting Reports / Re: Report 123
« on: May 08, 2012, 11:52:42 PM »
cirrus you still on here? anything going on up by you these days?

Discuss Specific NJ Bigfoot Sighting Reports / Re: report #30
« on: May 08, 2012, 11:49:33 PM »
I visited Bear Swamp (North Nj) last month didn't really see much going on there, but did case the area and it is sustainable for it.

jeez that only took like two months to figure out how to log back in, god forbid I get another new computer all the stored passwords are gone,
Hello Benny,
"Hey anything new up in the sparta area? This winter wasn't so bad this year did you get out some more?" I try to get out every week, and you're right winter wasn't so bad, so I got out a lot more often this past winter too. Not much new on top of Sparta mountain, only started to see bear prints out that way about maybe march, and those canine prints in the same area, I had a trail cam set there most of last summer a lot of hikers walking their dogs out that way, but it's become apparent to me that they migrate, instead of hibernate, not saying this is true for all, just for the one's out that way, it's more like they're semi nomadic.
So feel free to ask me questions, I've learned a lot in the past year or so.

Discuss Specific NJ Bigfoot Sighting Reports / Re: North Jersey Search Team
« on: September 10, 2011, 02:06:32 AM »
Hey Cirrus good to see at least someone else on here besides me.
I did find this up by your neck of the woods right on the shore of Bear Pond
Also found a bone up on Sparta mountain by the marsh, laying in the middle of the path,
took it with me, to find out what it might be from, cause it was oddly shaped.
Best I can match it to is either a coyote or wolf shoulder blade bone.
Which on that path there was 'dog' tracks in the sand that I saw a big one and a smaller one.
I wasn't gonna post this story here, but I'll give you the shortened condensed vers.
My nephew had a visual sighting beginning of July of this year, I'll keep the location secret for now
but it was semi corroborated by someone else who was also in the area, and heard something huge crashing through the woods, but I'll let you in on a little secret, they hunt turkey, cause that's what it was doing that day.

Discuss Specific NJ Bigfoot Sighting Reports / North Jersey Search Team
« on: August 04, 2011, 11:41:11 PM »
Anyone interested?

I have 3 different areas I search

Sparta mountain

Hopatcongs Bear pond area

Andovers Johnson Park area

feel like I'm getting very close now


so the mountain laurel is actually a evergreen that stays green all winter, and there is alot of them up there, huge patches all throughout, realitively close to the sighting area.. and mini tee-pee stick structures around the perimeter could be coincidences... but...
in looking up (at first I didn't know what they were, so it took a bunch a research to even find what plant it was)
Bob Chance. book "interview with a bigfoot hunter" excerpt;
but man after having found just about nothing I'm always just on the verge of giving up on the area..
but all the ingredients are there for habitat,
well nevertheless been learning a lot and maybe, maybe fine tuning research to narrow down a more specific area.

wood knocks we did nothing this time to spur them maybe talking loud but we were down in a ravine but still heard them sounded like they were coming from the same general direction as the last one's don't know if a woodpeckers knock would travel about maybe half a mile? maybe odd thing is, a couple days ago at my house there was a woodpecker in my tree in my front yard and I've heard woodpeckers before.. and know generally their rythym.. the tree knocks sounded more musical.. ahh who knows just something worth checking out, cause they're coming from the side that isn't heavily traveled, by hikers.
as for the mountain laurel I was going off the theory that the sas does not hibernate and would be needing food all year round,
ahh but the sighting in sparta mountain as far as I know was on dec 5th 2005...

It sounds as though you are convinced that the knocking sounds are being produced by a sasquatch. Not sure what you are trying to say regarding the vegetation, what is it about the mountain laurel that interests you?
Hello Megapod
wow haven't been back here in a while..
note to Admin congrats on the new domain, but something got lost in translation cause every time I try to see details of any of the sightings comes up error
so yeah I've been up there concentrating on Sparta mountain maybe now for almost over a year or more now, geez has it been that long..
I was actually up there this past sunday, just wanted to go up and.. hmm.. 'listen' really I wanted to see what animals might be stirring around with the slightly better weather we had.. just some birds and one squirell
and was up there I think right after the snowstorm in dec 2010 went all over and did what researchers say to do, just sit and wait, at a known sighting area.. out by the marsh, where a geocacher had a sighting. I was sitting out there a good 45 mins didn't want to stay out too long cause it was getting late and was impending rain..
as for the woods knocks I really just wanna rule it out once and for all, that it's not something besides a woodpecker, but when I first heard it, my friend and I were coming back from the hike, I had just picked up air horn for just in case emergencies of course my friend decides to press the button, right after he did I hear wood knocks in rapid succession, from the other side of the mountain, this was during the summer and another time we were up there, geocaching in a good ways, and then about the same time like clockwork,

more pinpointing towards, or better word narrowing down a location at both spots, I spent almost 8 months up on Sparta mountain, trail cams and all, and nothing, but then realized the last time I was up there I was on the wrong side, constant tell tale wood knocks coming from the other side, at first didn't realize it, thought it was woodpeckers, but most of the time, the wood knocks always start at the same time of day,
about 6 or 7 pm now it's either an alert call because I'm there.. or it's a 'dinner bell' or an 'alarm clock' (nocturnal 'animal')
over at Bear Pond drawing correlations with vegetation, same exact vegetation up on Sparta mountain, toxic plant, but found out that during the winter that deer does eat it, 'mountain laurels' others (researchers) have had similar stories with

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