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Jersey Squatcher

September 23, 2013, 05:19:29 AM
Newbie Posts: 23
This past Friday I took my kids for an early evening hike at Mahlon. We parked at the pond on Weldon Road and took the path to the right of the pond and then we went to the right of the bridge and we walked for about 30 minutes on the trail. I didn't know where the path lead to (This was my first time on this particular path) so we turned around and walked back. We were almost back to the lake but still in the woods and it was getting darker when we heard 2 distance howls. It was like a moan, similar to the Ohio howls. My kids actually were a little scared. (they are young) We were actually standing still on the trail at the time of the howls because I kept stopping and looking into the woods for any kind of movement, so that's why I think we were able to hear the howls, because we were still and our foot steps were not making any sounds on the gravel path.  My son is only 7 and he said "daddy it sounded like a wolf". I'm not saying it was a BF, but it could have been. I did do a whoop and 2 tree knocks about 20 minutes earlier on the path. Pretty cool stuff.
Jersey Squatcher