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February 10, 2017, 08:37:07 AM
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Hi, My name is Vic. I have been interested in Sasquatch since my experience in Stillwater NJ in the mid-80s. It was about 1 am when screams as loud as a lion's roar came toward my window, so loud that the vinyl siding vibrated.  I have investigated wood knocks, branch twist and other things that have been happening in the same area since. I have been involved with a few bfro investigations a few years back but now, go out on my own.
 Recently I have been an investigating area where wood knocks have been happening and bipedal walking in a stream with wood knocks as well at the same time has been happening. I tied a pear on a string and used a pulley to pull it up about 12 ft in the air near a branch twist about ten ft in the air at the same location. I set a new camera up that malfunctioned, and that night the pear was taken.
  I used to think that they migrated in the spring to the Deleware region. The repetitive hundreds of years food source to this area is a large shad run. However, I think now I have pinpointed an area that only they could reach, and  that is in cliffs where I feel there is a family of them near this area. I feel since the incidence of these things has happened year round now and for many years from what I have been told or experienced.  I would like to find a few people who are not afraid to go out with me in the middle of the night to set up more investigations this spring.